Extend the limits of exploration
ZEISS Xradia Versa submicron
imaging systems
Non-destructive high resolution image at
large working distances
for most flexible in situ and 4D imaging
Highest resolution non-destructive 3D imaging
Submicron to nanoscale imaging on a mm scale
Nanoscale X-ray imaging
Faster by a factor of 10
Unique contrast mechanisms
for hard and soft tissues
X-ray Vision
See inside your critical structures…
Expand the discovery process
from macro to nanoscale
with correlative microscopy
Harvard/Cornell team up to image, print shark skin in 3D using high resolution ZEISS Xradia Versa and ZEISS EVO SEM
Publication: Biomimetic shark skin: design, fabrication and hydrodynamic function
Scientists Track 3D Nanoscale Changes in Rechargeable Battery Material During Operation using Xradia 800 Synchrotron
ZEISS speeds nanoscale X-ray imaging by a factor of ten
ZEISS is shaping the future of microscopy
by acquiring Xradia.

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August 4-8, 2014
Hartford, Connecticut
Booth 602
URTEc 2014
August 25-27, 2014
Denver, CO
Booth 1441
September 1-3, 2014
London, England
18th International Microscopy Congress
September 7-12, 2014
Prague, Czech Republic
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September 8-12, 2014
Avignon, France
September 12-15, 2014
Houston, TX
Mid-European Clay Conference
September 16-19, 2014
Dresden, Germany