Archived News – 2007

Archived News – 2007

June 22, 2007 – Xradia Delivers Hard X-ray Nanoprobe Microscope to ArgonneNational Laboratory

Concord, CA/Argonne, IL – June 22, 2007: Xradia, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of ultra-high-resolution X-ray imaging systems for 3Dtomography and nanotechnology applications, announced the delivery ofthe first hard X-ray Nanoprobe instrument (nanoPi), which has beendeveloped together with Argonne National Laboratory’s Center forNanoscale Materials (CNM). The nanoPi delivers an unprecedented highresolution of better than 30 nm at hard X-ray energies for elementaland structural analysis using scanning probe and full-fieldtransmission X-ray microscopy. The nanoPi has been installed at thehard X-ray Nanoprobe Beamline (ID-26) at Argonne’s Advanced PhotonSource (APS) and is one of the major characterization tools at the CNM.
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March 9, 2007 – Xradia Inc. announced the closing of a $7 million equity in a series of D financing round

CONCORD, California – (Business Wire) – March 9, 2007: Concord-based Xradia Inc. announced the closing of a $7million equity in a series D financing round. Major investors included Harris & Harris Group Inc., an unnamed strategic investor, and a prior round investor. Xradia designs, manufactures and sells a suite of ultrahigh-resolution 3-D X-ray microscopes and fluorescence imaging systems. Applications include 3-D imaging for the semiconductor industry as biological specimens ranging from single cells to small animals.
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