Natural Resources

Natural Resources

With the globally increasing demand for more energy, the world’s oil and gas resources have been strained to its limits. As the price of oil increases, scientists are exploring every material available containing natural energy resources like oil and gas shale, carbonates, and limestone. Conventional core analysis techniques take months to produce viable results, causing production halts during analysis. ZEISS X-ray microscopes (XRM) enable researchers to obtain pore connectivity and modeling within hours.

Xradia Versa give users expanded field-of-view capabilities for high resolution imaging of larger volumes to increase the size and variety of rocks that can be imaged. Advanced contrast mechanisms enable mineralogical distinction with more greyscale differences and also enable finer discernment of unstained rock samples, such as a clear view between brine, water and rock in fluid flow experiments for measuring pore networks.

The Xradia Ultra enables pore and flow modeling in 3D on the nanoscale at 10 times the speed for carbonates, shale and sandstone, delivering high contrast results below 50 nanometers in a matter of hours.

Some of the applications ZEISS XRM support are:

  • Digital rock analysis and flow modeling to understand porosity and tortuosity of carbonate rocks
  • Sandstone imaging for high-resolution grain orientation and pore connectivity
  • Limestone imaging forĀ fossilĀ detection and pore dispersion
  • Shale imaging for inclusions and micron sized pores
  • Oil and tar sands for high-resolution grain orientation, density dispersion, and pore connectivity