Materials for Industry

Materials for Industry
Pharmaceutical, Food Science, Semiconductor, Component Parts, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Devices

The multifaceted environment of industrial materials research ranges from being on the forefront of developing radical materials for new products or developing optimized or more reliable components. Whether creating materials for medical implants or fuselage materials, a delicate balance of performance properties and cost for economic feasibility is required. ZEISS X-ray microscopes (XRM) provide quantitative non-destructive 3D tomography for unique opportunities to study samples in their performance (in situ) environments to quantify how adaptive microstructures evolve in 3D and over time (4D) from the meso- down to the nanoscale. Data analysis of XRM experiments reveal a wealth of microstructural information in three dimensions that can help deliver better medicines or enable faster reliable computing with cost-effective development.

Characterization and Analysis

  • See and quantify 3D defects such as cracks or voids in metals, non-destructively from the meso-scale to the nanoscale
  • Digitally design light metals for next generation of automotive alloys from having realistic 3D microstructure as computational input
  • Design cellular metals with advanced pore morphology foam elements for applications such as as heat exchangers or catalysts
  • Locate the transition zone of thermoelectric materials developed for more energy-efficient automotive engines using a correlative XRM  FIB-SEM approach
  • Quantify the 4D change in microstructure using digital volume correlation of commercial Li battery cathode particles as a function of charge cycle
  • Use in situ compression chamber to study effects of chemical treatment and uniform/non-uniform compression pressure on microstructure of carbon paper gas diffusion layers in in PEFCs
  • Quantify filler from crushed aggregate for concrete: pore structure, specific surface, particle shape and size distribution
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