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ZEISS Announces Diffraction Contrast Tomography for 3D Materials Science

PLEASANTON, Calif. , July 29, 2015 – The first laboratory-based diffraction contrast tomography (DCT) system for 3D grain imaging was launched today by Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy, a pioneer in bringing synchrotron imaging capabilities to the researcher’s laboratory. The LabDCT™ advanced imaging module enables a handshake between theoretical and practical worlds for predictive materials design by visualizing grain orientations in 3D. Originally developed at a limited number of synchrotron X-ray facilities, this marks the first commercial offering of DCT on a laboratory X-ray microscope (XRM).
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New X-ray microscope strengthens TWI imaging capability

Cambridge UK – 24 June 2015 – A state-of-the-art X-ray microscope (XRM), capable of generating manipulable, three-dimensional renderings of objects in extraordinary detail, has been installed at TWI.
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ZEISS Offers New Xradia Ultra Load Stage to Introduce In situ Nanomechanical Testing in 3D

Pleasanton, CA–March 11, 2015–ZEISS announces the new Ultra Load Stage for ZEISS Xradia Ultra 3D X-ray microscopes (XRM). Xradia Ultra Load Stage uniquely enables in situ nanomechanical testing—compression, tension, indentation—with non-destructive 3D tomographic imaging. For the first time, researchers will be able to image the evolution of structure in 3D under load down to 50 nm resolution. This new capability applies to a wide range of interests, covering both engineered and natural materials.
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July 28, 2014 – ZEISS Offers New Autoloader for 3D X-ray Imaging Extends Efficiency & Optimizes Use of Xradia Versa Platforms

Pleasanton, CA – July 28, 2014 – ZEISS announces a new option for Xradia Versa 3D X-ray microscopes for submicron imaging: the XRM Autoloader for automated sample handling. Autoloader helps gain critical efficiency and maximizes utilization of Xradia Versa systems by reducing the user-instrument interaction for sample batches that can be run throughout the workday, overnight, and even over typically under-used weekend time.
Autoloader is flexible for handling diverse sample types in the same queue, offers workflow solutions for volume jobs, and also facilitates precise and repeatable sample measurements. It is especially valuable in industries where increased utilization can provide a positive impact on profitability. Users are able to set up queues of imaging jobs to maximize XRM usage, thus increasing effective throughput. As an additional convenience, users may receive automatic notification, including via their mobile devices if desired, of each successively completed scan.
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