Semiconductor Process Optimization and Failure Analysis

Semiconductor packages are becoming more complex as the industry strives for ever increasing performance and efficiency. With this increased complexity, the associated failures are becoming much more difficult to determine and diagnose. Traditional methods such as physical cross sectioning and 2D X-ray imaging are no longer adequate. Today’s failure analysis engineers need new techniques to assist them in their job. The Xradia VersaXRM high-resolution 3D X-ray microscope answers that need.

With micron scale resolution available for a wide range of sample sizes and the ability to obtain high contrast on low Z materials, the VersaXRM is the premier 3D X-ray CT system available today. Maximum material and sample flexibility allow users to finally see defects in a truly non-destructive manner. The VersaXRM gives the FA engineer the power of volumetric data. No more concern about cross sectioning exactly the right location. No longer will there be a question as to whether the inspection technique caused the defect or if the defect was already there. No more concern about ruining valuable defect samples. With the VersaXRM you can visualize a defect, non-destructively, and continue testing with the same package.

Many difficult to diagnose FA problems become much easier to visualize and understand. Here are just a few of the many defects easily viewed with the VersaXRM:

  • Solder ball/bump voids and cracks
  • Die attach voids and delamination
  • Trace shorts and opens
  • Via cracks and opens
  • Wirebond shorts and opens
  • Solder reflow defects