Solutions Overview

Solutions Overview

We make it visible.
Our advanced X-ray microscopes (XRM) for computed tomography (CT) help advance innovation in science and industry. The technology can be used for many applications. We have established solutions for the following markets: semiconductor process optimization and failure analysis, life science, oil and gas drilling feasibility, and advanced material analysis.

Xradia Versa and Xradia Ultra technology has been used by scientists and engineers to provide insight in 3D into the internal structure of samples in a large variety of applications. The ability to visualize submicron features as small as 50 nm in size in native full volume three dimensional form, without the need to cut and slice the samples, and perform complex integration of 2 dimensional images is attractive to researchers and in many cases critical for performing the imaging tasks.

While the application of ZEISS products is powerful in many different areas of research and engineering, we have optimized our solutions in a few major areas providing a complete multi-length scale alternative for imaging samples from the meso to the micro and nano-length scale. In life science research the Xradia Versa enables imaging of hard and soft tissue with unmatched combination of resolution and sample size. Our proprietary detector technology as well as phase contrast imaging provides unique ability to image soft tissue with very good contrast even in combination with calcified tissue and bone structures.

In materials science research and development our multi-length scale solution will enable you to develop a full model of your material, from millimeter down to 50 nm size features. You will be able to visualize internal phase distribution at that level as well as material defects such as cracks and voids.

Semiconductor package development and failure analysis engineers have used our Xradia Versa family of products to verify micron size defects without the need for any physical de-layering or cross sectioning. Our Xradia Ultra family of products is used for product development and failure analysis applications such as imaging metallization voids as small as 100nm in TSV structures.

Our fourth solution area of focus is rock physics modeling for drilling feasibility analysis in oil and gas exploration. Our multi-length scale solution is used by geologists in conjunction with rock physics modeling software from our partner Ingrain to develop permeability and porosity models as well as other rock property information needed for assessment of oil and gas drilling feasibility.

Join us on the journey where you will attain full volume insight in 3D into the internal structure of your samples to accelerate product innovation and problem resolution.

  • Materials Science – 3D imaging of the complex internal structures of materials science samples. Viewing of nano-and micro-scale distribution of materials to support product development and failure analysis.
  • Life Sciences – High resolution and contrast 3D imaging for life science applications without the need to cut the sample. Imaging of osteocytes and canaliculi in bone, and micro vasculature in tumors among others.
  • Geo Materials – Multi scale imaging of rock samples for microstructure modeling and oil and gas drilling feasibility studies. Timely analysis with both, lab systems and field microscopes, to help increase oil and gas recovery rates.
  • Semiconductor – High resolution, non destructive imaging for package technology development and failure analysis. Verification of defects such as wire bond shorts, and BGA ball cracks without having to delayer the package.